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Advice for me: I would like to get a couple of pet chickens.

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franciemczoo · 24/04/2017 12:30

I would like to get some pet chickens. I was looking at the coops in the farm shop but they seemed very small. Safe for overnight but not suitable to permanent living- in my opinion. So when I was at home would I be able to let them loose in my garden? Or would it be best to have a massive coop? (My garden isn't particularly big)

Any advice gratefully received.

OP posts:
Cammysmoma · 24/04/2017 21:22

I have 28 chickens and 2 cockerels
They live in a smallish coop, but they are out all daylight hours. You don't. Wee an overly big coup. Ours is like a small shed and that's for 30

Lennielala · 24/04/2017 21:23

They just run all over the garden/neighbouring farms but they always stay where they are fed lol.

Cammysmoma · 24/04/2017 21:29

That's what mine do too ! And sorry my coop is quite big but that doesn't matter as user said above.. they done stay in coop. I put them in hen hut each night for safety.

franciemczoo · 28/04/2017 13:02

I've seen the eglu cube online and it looks ideal because I can move it around. How many standard sized chickens would be comfortable in one of these? If I go for the 2m or 3m run and let them roam the garden free for a couple of hours a day.

OP posts:
Knitella · 29/04/2017 23:59

The cubes look great but if you just want two or three chickens it will be a much bigger coop (the indoor bit) than you need. They just sleep in the coop (all cuddled up) and go in to lay. I have a eglu go up with the standard size run and really like it. My three hens get the run of a large netted area (about 30 square meters) in daylight hours and get let out to wander a bit further when I'm in the garden too. They are just in the run/coop from dusk to early morning. In my opinion (others
will feel different) the fixed runs for the eglus are not big enough for chickens to spend most of their day time. I use the omlet netting. It doesn't protect them from predators but does keep your chickens in/out of an area.

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