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Chicken can't stand up.

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WhoTheFuckIsSimon · 28/11/2015 16:42

rather naughtily I never checked on them yesterday but went to them this morning and one was laid down. Wouldn't stand up, she's elderly so I just assumed she'd die later on today.

Went back this afternoon and she's still alive and actually looks quite perky. One of her legs is pointing backwards behind her. So not sure if it's broken. She can't stand. When she tried to get away from me she just sort of scooted along the ground.

Ive put her in a covered cat litter box with food and water so at least she's dry and not going to starve to death.

I don't feel I can neck her. I'm guessing splinting a leg isn't an option? Will take her to the vets on Monday to have her pts I guess.

OP posts:
WhoTheFuckIsSimon · 29/11/2015 13:59

She still can't stand. She's got herself out the box which is impressive as it has a big lip on it to get over. She's under the hen house next to the feeder. Dunno why as she has food in the box.

Will go out at dusk and put her back in the box.

Looks like it's the vet tomorrow to be pts.

OP posts:
puggymummy1 · 01/04/2016 13:05

We had this a few weeks ago. Not elderly and I thought it looked like Marrecks disease. We had to remove her as the other five were attacking her. We kept her indoors for a week until she passed away. It was horrible to see her suffer and I wish we had had her pts when we first took her to the vets. Instead, the vet gave her an injection of pain killer.

notasausage · 06/04/2016 22:02

We had one like this - our favourite typically. Get said it was Mareks and she was Pte. None of the others were affected but apparently they can pick it up from the wild bird population

Burnshersmurfs · 29/04/2016 19:25

It happened to one of mine, but she got better- she's laying, but still walks with a limp though.

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