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Weak-shelled egg

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confusedofengland · 25/08/2015 22:35

We have 2 hens, they were called Gingernut Rangers when we got them from Omlet, I believe. We got them about 11 months ago, they started laying a couple of weeks after we got them, so I think they are just over a year old.

They have been laying 1 egg per day per hen since they started laying, with very few 'days off'. Over the past couple of weeks we have started to notice that one of our ladies is laying eggs that have a slightly weaker shell. They seem to come out whole but then get trampled on & broken before we retrieve them, despite us checking multiple times per day. We have tried adding Oyster Shell mix (from Pets at Home) to their food (layers pellets), but I'm not sure if we're doing it right as the eggs are the same. How much should we put in, how often & how long before it should take effect?

Also, my dparents think that one hen seems to be less keen than the other to get to the food & think this means she's not well, but I think that this has always been the case & just assumed that the other one was dominant.

For info, they are currently in a 3-hen Eglu & run, but in the winter we let them range free in our (small) garden & shut them in at night.

Any advice would be great, thanks Smile

OP posts:
smaths · 26/08/2015 22:49

Is one of them maybe moulting? I don't know much about hens but know with ours the egg quality dips or stops altogether for a few weeks while they moult.

LeChien · 26/08/2015 23:00

Yes, smaths is right. At the age they are they'll be coming up for a moult.
Layers pellets contain enough calcium that oyster grit isn't essential (obviously it's still good for them)
Carry on what you're doing.
They may stop laying for a while, or lay some weird eggs (no shell at all, wind eggs etc), but should be back to normal soon.

confusedofengland · 27/08/2015 08:04

Thank you both, that is fascinating. I never would have guessed it's just normal & thought it was something to worry about! We'll start to let them out again once the weather dips & the DSes no longer want to play in the garden & I know the chickens will be a lot happier then Smile

OP posts:
Imbroglio · 04/09/2015 18:32

My ranger laid soft/shell less eggs after about two years. It never got better, though she seemed happy and healthy.

She might just be stopping laying for a bit and will improve after her moult.

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