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think I've made a mistake ...chick advice please

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welliesandwine · 25/04/2015 18:05

So ...tried to hatch some eggs in an incubator for first time ,just four... out of which we got one chick (Norman) to keep 'him' company I tried to locate some young chicks as brood box mates,took a couple of days to find so got them today ..the newbies are 2 days old and Norman is 5days old....and introduced them into the brood box and Norman pecked them continuously have segregated them at the moment as they were trying to sleep...but not sure what to do I let Norman carry on ,is it just pecking order behaviour ? Any advice gratefully received ??

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gaggiagirl · 26/04/2015 13:02

It is just pecking order. With ours we let them sort it out between themselves but we break it up if it gets nasty. Sadly we've lost a few to the old pecking order if we haven't seen it start. Usually once the order is established they all know their place and stop fighting.

welliesandwine · 26/04/2015 15:02

Thanks ....they seemed to has sorted it out a little more now..Norman is obv top chook and has started to leave the others alone a little more they are just sorting out their order now....hopefully in a couple of days everyone will know their place

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