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What paint is best for the coop?

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Iseechickens · 13/08/2014 08:54

We have an old shed/dog kennel with adaptions ready for our chickens which will be delivered next week. The walls are half concrete blocks and half wood with rubber flooring.

What paint should I use on the wood? Should I paint the concrete blocks too? I'm already thinking ahead and is there anything I can paint or clean which will deter red mite before they arrive?

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DieselSpillages · 13/08/2014 09:10

Do a lime wash. Its very simple and cheap.
Mix lime with water, about 1 3rd lime to 2 thirds water. Wear gloves as it's caustic. You can add a pot of fromage blanc, or yohgurt as the milk proteins help it fix. It will paint well over the concrete and wood, might need a couple of coats, and dries to a lovely matt white effect. It kills all bugs and will help prevent the red mite recurring.

Iseechickens · 13/08/2014 11:05

Thanks diesel what make lime do you thinks best? Should I buy online or farmers shop?

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Iseechickens · 13/08/2014 20:33

Bump! Hoping to buy and start painting tomorrow.

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DieselSpillages · 14/08/2014 07:46

I'm not in the uk , so not sure about where to suggest for buying lime there. I imagine you can get it from a builders merchants.

Iseechickens · 14/08/2014 08:58

Ok, will take a look down the farmers shop.

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