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which chicken house?

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missingwordsround · 19/07/2014 18:56

I'm buying my first ever chicken house and chickens!!

I need a raised one due to mobility issues (I'm a foster carer to lots of children of different abilities) and I need a moveable one. I think I want a small run as well? (will let chickens out into paddock - all fenced and chicken wired) Needs to be easy to clean and access. Maybe 6-8 hens?

help me choose or suggest what else I should get please?!

love the price, but why is it so cheap?

what do we think?

or this one?

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Ruhrpott · 19/07/2014 21:41

An Omlet eglu cube would be easier for you to clean out as you can power wash it.

missingwordsround · 19/07/2014 21:48

Thanks for reply ruhr

Unfortunately, there is no electricity in the paddock, so can't pressure

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Imbroglio · 19/07/2014 22:45

The cube is easy to keep free of lice etc. You might need two people to move it but it can be wheeled around quite easily.

Namechangearoonie123 · 19/07/2014 22:48

I have an ordinary Eglu and I've had it ten years and never pressure washed it. It's easy to empty and the top pops off to give it a clean with a bucket.

Ten years and never replaced anything. Best buy ever.

frazzeled · 26/08/2014 00:16

What did you go for in the end? Was looking at this one too and wondering about price!

missingwordsround · 01/09/2014 09:03

hi frezzeled,

in the end I went for this one

It's at perfect wheelbarrow height for cleaning out. Made out of smooth marine ply (the stuff they make boats out of) so should last for ages and has no nooks or crannies for red mites. The 2 doors have pulleys so I have got an automatic door opener.

Very happy so far.

I know they are popular on here, but I didn't want an eglu as it wouldn't provide much protection would probably be blown away here in winter (not a suburban garden, but an orchard at the foot of the Downs!) Also, they get very hot in the sun (my friend's chickens overheated in an Eglu, she went to let them out at 7 as usual and they were all dead Sad )

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