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looking to introduce some new blood into my flock... which breed?

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beakerandburette · 11/05/2014 13:03

I'm an experienced poultry keeper, I have kept a wide range of hens, cocks, bantys and ducks but I fancy something different. At the moment my flock consists of, 3 Isla browns, 4 buff Orpingtons, 1 white silkie, 2 black rocks, 1 poland, 1 marans and 3 khaki campbell ducks. I have space for another 3 pullets - what do you recommend??

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bochead · 13/05/2014 15:29

a variety of egg colours for a pretty egg basket?

A welshsummer for a matt brick brown egg to contrast with your existing marans?

croad langsham (bantam cos these are huge in LF?) or a old english game for a pink egg?

a leghorn for a white egg ?

cream legbar or an aracuna for a blue egg?

an easter egger mutt for a green egg ?

I dunno what breed would best fit with what you got already as I'm only 2 weeks into rearing our first four ever chicks Grin

A second hand eglu go awaits our cuckoo marans bantams until we can build a proper covered run to see them through the winter. Hopefully the go + 2 metre run will do them for the summer months in the area of the new house lawn that I eventually want to turn into a veggie patch next spring.

The permanent covered run will be 8 foot by 10 foot and I'm trying to work out how many bantams we can eventually keep in there permanently.

beakerandburette · 14/05/2014 21:26

You say 4, poultry keeping is addictive, you'll end up with more! Grin
I've decided to wait until the next local poultry auction and I'll just get whatever takes my fancy on the night :)

Good luck with your 4 girls.

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