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Electric poultry netting

4 replies

cq · 01/10/2013 09:36

Anyone got any experience with this? I set all mine up beautifully yesterday (and at great expense) - and last night DS (14) 'tested' it for me and says it's not working. He's right.

What checks can I do to identify the problem? I think it might be earthed wrong but I just don't understand electrics Confused

OP posts:
quoteunquote · 01/10/2013 13:12

Is anything touching it?

and is your battery charged?

Elliptic5 · 03/10/2013 15:01

Is this working now cq ?
Electric netting is great when it works and a pita when it doesn't. A proper tester is good if you are having problems, it will show exact voltage and help identify where any problem lies.
I have quite a lot of experience of electric poultry netting if you are still having problems.

mummymeister · 03/10/2013 18:49

don't rely on it to keep the foxes out. they are a pain in the neck. most people I know who have tried them have given up on them. when you need them most they aren't working.

SimLondon · 05/10/2013 20:42

A little trick :-) if the netting is touching the grass then its losing it's power and may no longer be powerful enough to 'bite', spray some weedkiller underneath (keep hens off for a while)

Also, after a few days the battery will need to spend several hours recharging.

You can buy testing devices that sit on the netting and indicate how powerful it is.

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