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Removing a cockerels voice box??

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PartyFops · 25/09/2013 21:18

Within my work I have had to ask someone to get rid of some cockerels as they are causing a nuisance. We visited this family and they told me that they were going to remove the voice box of the cockerels so that they no longer cause a nuisance Shock. I was gobsmacked, but I dont know anything about it, I doubt that the family would get it done professionally.

Should I report to the RSPCA?

Any advice?

OP posts:
SimLondon · 25/09/2013 21:47

Rumour has it that that isn't legal in the UK? (Just a rumour, no idea if its a fact)

PurpleSarah88 · 03/10/2013 12:35

"It is illegal to surgically de-voice cockerels or peacocks in the UK."
You could try contacting the Poultry Club Helpline 02820 741056 for advice.

You could also report it to the RSPCA.

mummymeister · 03/10/2013 18:48

report them it is illegal and very unpleasant. if the cockerel is causing a statutory noise nuisance then in the past we have asked for them to be in a cage over night where their heads just touch the top of the cage. this way they cannot stretch their necks and if they cannot stretch their necks they cannot crow. this works but it means the owners have to be bothered.

Lizzabadger · 14/12/2013 15:48


They can use suprelorin implants or cockerel boxes to reduce crwing.

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