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Looking after friend's chickens and need some quick advice!

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MyBoysAreFab · 23/07/2013 15:38

I am looking after my friend's three chickens while they are away, and am loving it!

I am in Scotland and although it hasn't happened yet, thunder and lightening are forecast. I have been letting the ladies out in the morning all day (leaving their door open so they can go in and out if they wish) and putting them back in their coup at night. If there is thunder and lightening should I go and put them back inside and shut the door? I am worried they will be frightened but would they be more so if shut inside?

Oh the responsibility!

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oddslippers · 23/07/2013 15:39

I would leave them out as long as the door is open and can't blow shut they'll go inside if they want to

MyBoysAreFab · 23/07/2013 15:41

Thanks, the door is wedged open with a tree stump and they are in quite a sheltered spot. I used to be afraid of chickens but I absolutely love looking after these ones, they are so couthy, and love pecking my plastic gardening clogs. They are due to start laying in August so it may be that I will actually get their first eggs. So exciting!

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ellysutt · 23/07/2013 20:33

I have 8 chickens and we have had really bad thunder to day, but the girls have all been ok so long as they have shelter they will be ok, glad you are having fun with them, love mine to bits

MyBoysAreFab · 23/07/2013 22:08

They are now cosied up for the night, hope they don't get scared - pouring rain thunder and lightening here now. It is ridiculous how fond of them I have become since Saturday!!

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