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Getting started and electric fencing

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Lovesswimming · 17/06/2013 11:01

Hi, I moved a year ago and have a large chicken coop that had a run area. I needed to use some of the run area so now have 1/2 of it to make safe before getting some chickens! It's 6metres by 6 metres and currently had 6' mesh that is buried into the ground (not sure how deep) I need to re-do one side. I also want to add a roof. So a couple if questions :-) shall I also have some chicken wire that comes from the bottom out along the ground to prevent digging from further away?
I have poly tape electric fencing with offset insulators that I use as a top line for the horse fencing. I could put the offset insulators along the bottom and rig it to the existing electric fencing system quite easily. I have seen this type of system advertised for chickens. But with it being closer to the ground I'd need to be extra careful that grass etc wasnt growing up and touching it? The other option would be the electric netting system. Does that not short on the ground with grass growth? I won't be depending fully on electric to secure the run as occasionally the battery runs low or the system can fail. But as a back up I'm considering it. Any advice/tips great fully received

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Woofers · 17/06/2013 11:09

Do you think that you will have a problem with foxes breaching the fence? Have you seen / heard any round by you?
We have had chickens for 5 years and fortunately haven't lost any to foxes. We have had natural deaths and 1 sparrow hawk attack. We have 2 left. We haven't buried the fence either.
We do have 2 dogs and cats if that makes any difference to chicken safety. Not sure. Maybe someone else will have some better advice.

I'd say use the electric fencing ribbon on the top to stop foxes fence jumping.
Good luck!!!

Lovesswimming · 17/06/2013 11:17

I presume we have foxes, we've had pole cats in the garden as well (next door terrier went mad trying to get it!)
Tape along the top may be better than putting a mesh roof together. I have a great cat who keeps the rabbit population and mice etc right down and 2 dogs but the coop is the other side of the manège so the dogs wont really be a deterrent at night? Maybe I'll start off with a top and bottom section of poly tape (as no real cost due to me having the stuff already) and seeing how it goes (I was planning on having about 5 to start off with? I'll be reading up on here which ones to buy)

OP posts:
Steffanoid · 17/06/2013 11:43

we have foxes by us, we've got a 6 ft high chicken wire fence all round thats buried a little bit too I wouldn't even say it's buried by a foot, up until recently we've just had a meshy roof but we've now covered half of that in corrugated plastic, as long as they're shut securely to roost every night in their house id say you dont need the electric ribbon, ours spend a few hours roaming the garden most days too


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