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which breed do you think is the friendliest?

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Lucky13 · 13/06/2013 14:14

I've had my lovely ex batts for a few years now and sadly I only have two left. They are wonderful girls, so friendly, come when I call them and like to be picked up. When I first thought of having hens, I never realised how friendly they could be and how attached to them I would become.

This got me thinking about the other breeds and whether some are more friendly than others? I'm about to get some more hens, so thought I'd see which breed gets the most recommendations!

OP posts:
CatsAreLikeChocolates · 14/06/2013 19:50

We're loving our Pekins who are fearless & attention-seeking. Totally different from my neighbour's Rhone Island Reds who lay like the clappers but are a bit standoffish IMHO.

Lucky13 · 16/06/2013 13:09

I've heard that maran hybrids aren't the friendliest from some of their owners.
I used to have pekins as a child and would spend hours cuddling them (poor things)

OP posts:
MissBeehivingUnderTheMistletoe · 16/06/2013 13:19

My silkies are very friendly and just all round lovely girls.

Bonniemum24 · 17/06/2013 19:31

Warrens are very friendly , my two children can't stop holding them .

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