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Looking After Your Girls In The Freezing Weather!

20 replies

NannyPlumIsMyMum · 16/01/2013 19:35

Hello - how are people looking after their girls in these minus temperatures ?

I'm giving mine oats and cod liver oil ... Has anybody else got any tips please?

OP posts:
DoItToJulia · 16/01/2013 20:50

We put an old rug on the roof to insulate it a bit.
Poultry tonic in their water, extra greens, extra bedding layer....

Will watch with interest!

NannyPlumIsMyMum · 16/01/2013 20:52

Yes I wish I could get hold of an old carpet cut off to put over their house .... I'm being ridiculous I know, but I don't like them to get stressed Hmm.

OP posts:
DoItToJulia · 16/01/2013 20:56

Not ridiculous, they are helpless against the weather!

Shallishanti · 16/01/2013 21:21

have just figured out what to do about the water-
rather than use the usual water thingy (the upside down buckety thing)
put the water in a large tupperware box
put a small plastic bottle, part filled with water in it, so it floats on its side
when you go out in the morning, you can squeeze the bottle to release it from the ice, then you can break off the chunks of ice and leave water for them
(not my idea, I had forgotten but my DF used to do this for his fishpond, not good for that to be completely frozen over for some reason)

NannyPlumIsMyMum · 16/01/2013 21:43

Flippin' Ada Shalli that's a great idea!

I had wondered if there was anything I could buy to stop the water freezing over but I will do that instead ...

Jane .. Thankfully there is at least one place on MN where you can be precious about something and not get flamed Smile.

OP posts:
zanz1bar · 17/01/2013 11:29

lined the nesting box with an old fleece blanket and extra hay.

DarkHorse2013 · 17/01/2013 13:19

I have two little groups - one have a wooden coop, and I've put a thick cardboard box in the end where they sleep, padded round all sides with extra straw and then extra Aubiose bedding and straw inside - lovely and snug. The other group are in a little shed, and insist on sleeping on their perch rather than the nice warm straw filled place that they could choose, so they have a greenhouse heater, fixed vertically so they can't sit on it, and protected with a bit of chicken wire. Stops everything freezing inside when it's really cold - they all seemed happy enough last night when it was -3 here!

YouveCatToBeKittenMe · 17/01/2013 13:23

Poultry Tonic?
Aubiose bedding?

I only got my first chicken on Tuesday, I have no idea what these things are!
She has just had a bit of extra straw
I feel mean now,
I did give her some porridge this morning
it was -9 here this morning

DarkHorse2013 · 17/01/2013 13:45

Aubiose is just bedding, a bit like shavings only easier to use and clean out! Extra straw should help keep your chicken warm, and they love porridge so hopefully she's happy!

DoItToJulia · 17/01/2013 16:16

We use aubiose, I really recommend it!

NannyPlumIsMyMum · 17/01/2013 17:11

Youvecat- oats are sooo good for your girls in winter. Helps to keep them warm Smile.

OP posts:
Pixel · 17/01/2013 19:01

Mine have been getting extra mash (even the neighbours are donating peelings!) and the inside of their nest box is lined with thick newspaper. They have lots of shavings and hay, plus there is an old horse turnout rug over the top of their coop. I've put a tarpaulin up so that the run is now covered on 3 sides to cut out the wind-chill factor and keep snow off should we get any. My book says to put vaseline on their combs to stop frostbite but it hasn't got that cold here yet.

Virgil · 17/01/2013 19:05

I've just been out and covered both the coop and the run with blankets. Not sure if it will make much difference but I'm not sure what more to do. We ordinarily move the coop indoors but the shed is full of my friends stuff at the moment which can't go outside.

Virgil · 17/01/2013 19:06

I'm particularly worried about mine since their in a coop designed for ten but there ar only two of them a the moment.

Virgil · 17/01/2013 19:07

Try again shall I? I'm particularly worried about mine since they're in a coop designed for ten but there are only two of them at the moment.


jaynebxl · 17/01/2013 19:45

Youvecat I think the best thing you can do to keep your girl warm is buy a couple of mates for her so they could huddle together and share the warmth.

jaynebxl · 17/01/2013 19:46

Virgil I think you should get more girls too then they can insulate each other.

DeckSwabber · 24/01/2013 20:45

I take the whole water container in at night if its going to freeze. Much easier than defrosting in the morning!

NannyPlumIsMyMum · 24/01/2013 22:36

I've been gifted a good length of carpet to drape over their eglu so I'm feeling a bit easier now Smile.

Boy are they eating loads though at the moment .

Bless them. I can't keep warm ... never mind keep warm AND lay an egg.

OP posts:
WhatKindofFool · 26/01/2013 21:39

I've had chickens for 3 years. I don't do anything different in the freezing weather except make sure that they have access to unfrozen water. I leave the coup door open always. I have never had one die on me in the winter.

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