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VSB electronic door keeper

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Natzer · 05/08/2012 20:57

I am struggling to find a fairly reasonable priced coop to use one of these.

Firstly, do any of you use one? If so, any good?

We go away a few times a year to visit family and my neighbours are very good, they look after our cats, I'm sure they will be more than happy to keep an eye out on the 3 chickens but I don't want them to have to come and open and close each day. also am a bit forgetful/lazy so this will help us

OP posts:
Fridaysmum · 20/08/2012 22:51

We got one earlier this summer and it's great! It was a bit pricey (about £100 I think) but with us having weekends away etc it's made it a lot easier on our neighbour who looks after our chooks.

The only thing we found on the long light summer nights is that they would sometimes lock themselves out - they'd be tired and want to go to bed, but refuse as it was still light, so all fall asleep outside on a log in their run, and wake up after the door had shut..... some clucking to alert me, the 'chicken mummy', and I'd go out to lift up the door and let them go to bed!!!
Now the nights are drawing in they are reliably all in bed before the door shuts at about 8.35.

It is also great in the morning as you can have a lazy cuppa at the weekend without feeling guilty that you've not been to let them out.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it works in the winter, as last year I had to go open the door before I went out in the morning even if it was dark, so having it open when the light levels are right should be better.

I'd definitely recommend it. It's made it easier for us to go away, as our neighbour really only has to pop round to check for eggs and made sure food/water ok, and then just to look over the fence to check the girls have all gone to bed at night!

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