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When to introduce chicks to flock

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goatwillow · 25/07/2012 21:05

Our broody hen has hatched 1 chick and they are in a smaller hutch + run within the main run where our 3 other chickens are. So the other hens can still see the broody hen + chick but they are completely separated. The chick is only a couple of weeks old but the broody mummy is getting a bit fed up of being in the small run. Just wondering when it would be safe to introduce them back into the rest of the flock. I've heard the chicks should be around 16 weeks. If that's the case, could we leave the chick separated and let the broody out? Or will the chick get lonely?
Thank you!

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VivaLeBeaver · 25/07/2012 21:11

If you've only got one chick then leave the broody with it. Otherwise down the line you'll be introducing one hen to a flock and that's not a good idea. I've introduced 10 week olds to a flock before and it was ok, that was without a broody. So with mum to protect then possibly a bit younger.

msbuggywinkle · 26/07/2012 16:04

I have 8 week old chicks, everything I have read suggests not introducing them until they are almost the same size as the others or they will get bullied. Ours are currently in a similar set up to yours, there has been a bit of pecking through the fence so I am going to leave it until they are POL.

LaBelleDameSansPatience · 29/07/2012 20:33

I have three pekin bantam chicks which I am not sure I will ever be able to put them in with the normal chickens. Unfortunately, DD loves them and likes to put them on the swing and slide them down the slide. Going to be hard to sell them to a new home.

louttrim · 18/08/2012 16:51

My hen hatched 3 chicks 2 weeks ago; they'd been in the nursery coop separate from the other girls during incubation. Once the chicks were 2 days old they got released with the mum - all my girls free range round our garden & they've been sleeping in the main coop ever since. No problems from the other hens, but then Henrietta is a brilliant & protective mum :)

goatwillow · 03/09/2012 21:45

Just for an update....we introduced the chick and hen back into the main coop when the chick was 6 weeks old and haven't had any problems. The chick seems pretty brave but the other hens don't bother it unless it comes too close! Next problem will be working out whether or not it's a cockerel!

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