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cazzybabs · 14/07/2012 20:45

I have done it and bought 3 pekins ... can;t wait for tomorrow when they can come ojut and explore their run!

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jemimapants · 14/07/2012 22:37

me too, isn't exciting. I got them this afternoon, they're so lovely.

jemimapants · 14/07/2012 22:37

I meant isn't it exciting!

cazzybabs · 14/07/2012 22:58

i keep going to look at them through theiir little window - all asleep bless them

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jemimapyjama · 15/07/2012 15:18

How are your's doing today?

I can't stop looking at mine, they're are very sweet eh, mine keep going back into their nesting box to sleep.

How old are yours?

cazzybabs · 15/07/2012 21:12

They are point of lay but so friendly. My children have spent all day picking them up - I am not sure they are so clever though - I had ro help them go to sleep!

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