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Just found all seven of my lovely girls dead. Feathers everywhere

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BulletProofMum · 13/07/2012 22:19

Absouktely gutted, kids will be devastated in the morning. Kicking myself for not going out earlier to lock them in, they were still warm :(

OP posts:
DaisySteiner · 13/07/2012 22:25

Oh no Sad I'm so sorry. We had this happen last year, it's devastating.

YellowFlyingPineapple · 13/07/2012 22:29

Oh you poor thing, I don't know what to suggest other than do not blame yourself if it wasn't tonight the law of averages says it would be another night soon.

It is my biggest fear for my girls and Roger (the girl we now know to be a boy)
as we have had them for nearly 2 years and they free range from 7am until 9.30pm and so far apart from a visit that left claw marks on the outside of one of the coops, we have been lucky.

BulletProofMum · 13/07/2012 22:30

I was surprised how attached we all were to them. The fox took two only. It wouldn't feel so bad if you thought at least it had a purpose

OP posts:
pencilsinapenciltin · 13/07/2012 22:30

So sorry. Do you think it was a fox? this is such a worry with keeping hens. wish I could think of something more comforting to say but just wanted to let you know how sorry I am x

BulletProofMum · 13/07/2012 22:31

We thought the runways fox proof, the walls were aboutn6 ft, it had knocked the top,panel off.

OP posts:
YellowFlyingPineapple · 13/07/2012 22:34

I can relate to the being attached to them, they are family pets. I went downstairs to the playroom last Sunday to find DC1 and DC2 cuddling 2 out of a total of 22 of them whilst watching TV and feeding them brioche Grin

What are you going to tell the children?

thereinmadnesslies · 13/07/2012 22:35

Oh no. I'm so scared we will find our girls like this one morning, the DC would be devastated.

BulletProofMum · 13/07/2012 22:41

The truth, what else can I say?

OP posts:
BulletProofMum · 13/07/2012 22:41

Nature can be cruel

OP posts:
YellowFlyingPineapple · 13/07/2012 22:42

I know it won't help to change the situation but a Fox, if that's what it was, will be very determined and aside from standing guard permanently I don't believe anything is truly fox proof.

I would imagine your girls had a good life with you.

BulletProofMum · 13/07/2012 22:43

Razor wire, electric fence, fully covered. Will need to fortify my defences.

OP posts:
YellowFlyingPineapple · 13/07/2012 22:46

Nature is an absolute git at times. I keep my head by reasoning that I would prefer my girls and Roger to have 2 or 3 years of free ranging all day every day as opposed to 4 or 5 years cooped up before a fox gets them.

I am really sorry they get under your skin, despite the amount of poo they produce.

YellowFlyingPineapple · 13/07/2012 22:49

Bloody hell you have all that you have been so desperately unlucky. What about a male dog who likes to pee around the coops that is meant to help as well? We have a dog and I do think that helps

LemonBreeland · 13/07/2012 22:55

Bullet I also found one of mine dead today too. Not as bad as you but still shocked me. I've experienced a natural death before and although sad was okay. It's all the feathers everywhere.

LemonBreeland · 13/07/2012 22:57

Yellow I'm going to send my DSes around the garden to pee. They have their uses.

BulletProofMum · 14/07/2012 07:18

Will try that next time. Will really secure the run before restocking.mhavent been able to look at the scene in the cold light of day. Ds2 5 was in tears for half an hour. Ds1, 7 who helps me look after them and has always been the one playing with them, doesn't seem too bothered. Dd 2 keeps saying 'naughty fox'.

OP posts:
YellowFlyingPineapple · 14/07/2012 08:21

Hope today is not too difficult.

Lemon, my boys are allowed to pee round the coops, which they obviously think is great.

Personally I would restock as soon as you feel able to.

oh and get a gun for Mr Fox

AdiVic · 14/07/2012 09:55

Fox's are very clever, they can sometimes master an apparently fox proof coop. I grew up on a farm and one night he had 25 of them out of one coop, didn't take one for supper though. Just the way it is. If you have chickens, you will have the fox sniffing about. If he's determined, there is little you can do, so don't blame yourself:( It's so upsetting though.

LemonBreeland · 14/07/2012 10:06

I'm now left with just one so need to get her a couple of friends. If anyone knows of any chickens in the Scottish Borders let me know.

ditavonteesed · 15/07/2012 17:58

:( so sorry.

Mooncupsandsaucers · 15/07/2012 20:57

Don't assume it was a fox.We have lost more to badgers than foxes and if there is damage to the coop,as it seems in your case,that is nearly always badger.

BulletProofMum · 15/07/2012 21:14


Any advice as to the best way to fox, badger proof (I haven't the wire, electrics referred to earlier, that was suggestion as to next step). The run is approx 10x20 foot so difficult to cover over.

OP posts:
catsrus · 17/07/2012 08:32

I once lost most of mine - chickens and ducks - at 11am in the morning due to a fox aftack. There were a few survivors huddled together on the terrace near the house :(

I now have a totally enclosed run - built like an aviary, with the eglu attached to the end of it. I only let them out in the garden when I'm out there too. I've tried to make it as interesting as possible for them, it's got an old picnic table in there which they can sunbathe on or hide under - one end is coverd so they have shelter the other is open. There's an old ladder propped up to climb and perch on etc. rounding them up to put them back in after an hour or so is a bit like watching a slapstick comedy - easier with help.

I find 'our' fox in the garden all the time, just looking at me when I come across her - my neighbours who keep chickens have also got totally enclosed runs too.

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