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Bantam needs rehoming

10 replies

agaat · 20/05/2012 07:07

I have a beautiful Sussex bantam, Winnie, that needs rehoming. The rest of our hens have been taken by a fox and Winnie hates being kept in the eglu run. I've also decided not to get any more as it is not safe to let them free range, and she needs company. If anyone is able to help, I'd very grateful!

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wheremommagone · 20/05/2012 08:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pinkmagic1 · 20/05/2012 09:00

If you are anywhere near Nottingham I could give her a home

grumpykat · 20/05/2012 09:05

My brother keeps bantams. I think Winnie would be a bit lost with my Burfords but she could go to live with their smaller cousins. Where does Winnie live at the moment? If you're local I'm sure we could help.

agaat · 20/05/2012 09:30

Thanks pinkmagic. I'm in Manchester - happy to travel but Nottingham is a bit far. Thanks grumpykat - whereabouts is your brother?

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boomting · 20/05/2012 10:41

The British Hen Welfare Trust might be able to help? Although they normally do battery hens, they'll probably know someone who could help.

agaat · 20/05/2012 10:50

Thanks boomting I'll look into it. This morning she seems to have started being broody so I guess there is no big hurry.

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johnworf · 20/05/2012 18:03

Hi, I'm in Bury and about to get my first chickens next week. Can bantams be kept with blacktails and speckledys?

Would be interested in your chook if so.

grumpykat · 20/05/2012 18:06

We're in Birmingham so even further. Bum. Hope you rehome speedily.

boomting · 21/05/2012 21:38

@johnworf - I've kept bantams and large fowl together without any major problems, although obviously the introductions have to be managed carefully, just as you would when introducing any new chickens.

Just remembered about the Practical Poultry forums - might be an idea to ask there?

agaat · 22/05/2012 09:29

thanks Boomting. Will try there too. @johnworf, thanks for offer! Winnie is pretty feisty - will happily chase off big cats, but I think if you're getting chickens for the first time it's probably better to keep things uncomplicated in the beginning. Thanks to everyone for your help - chicken keepers are clearly quality people!!

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