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Our girls are gone - badger or fox?

9 replies

TwigletMonster · 29/04/2012 20:53

Went to check on the girls this evening, and they're gone Sad

Its been so rainy today we just assumed they were sheltering in their Eglu, but they must have been taken last night. We didn't shut the Eglu door, and I feel incredibly guilty.

There are badgers which go through the garden - we put big rocks etc on top of the skirt of the run. But they still got in. There are a few feathers around, although not lots. And then a stomach and a few tail feathers and small piece of bone in a front garden about 6 doors down.

Could a badger take two hens at once, or has it come back for the other one? It looks as though almost all of the hen's been eaten, which is what makes me think it's not a fox.

So angry we forgot to close the door. Just would like to find some evidence of the other one so I know she's actually dead and not hiding! Got to tell DD tomorrow Sad

OP posts:
MessyTerrier · 29/04/2012 22:14

No idea, OP but very Sad for you.

TwigletMonster · 29/04/2012 22:25

Aw thanks. Had got quite attached to the funny birds!

OP posts:
friendly · 04/05/2012 18:03

Poor you. I thought eglus were fox proof. It should've been ok leaving door open. Hope you and your dd ok.

mummymeister · 05/05/2012 13:55

Stoats will take birds like this and they can get through incredibly small holes. would be vv surprised if it was a badger - not really their style. this is the peak time of year for fox attack so most likely one of them i am afraid. do they wander round freely during the day and then go into the eglu at night? cant think how he who cannot be named got at them otherwise. just trying to think ahead for when you get a few more.

Pickgo · 06/05/2012 10:31

I lost mine to a fox last saturday night too. ...And I too didn't close the door Sad I'd got complacent because have had them 2.5 years and always been ok.

Now I'm a bit worried about getting more in case of fox attack again. Bloody foxes. Are you getting more?

(saw a live fox watch thing advertised on telly too last night. some people have got not a clue what foxes are really about. don't they remember the baby who was bitten?)

Grockle · 06/05/2012 21:23

I've lost hens to the fox when I forgot to close the door. You'd think I'd have remembered after the first time but I've done it on 4 separate occasions (when unwell, stressed, at A&E etc). It's horrible. I've now got a big run for them and they stay in there so I know they are safe.

Bastard fox Angry

RIP Gloria, Dorothy, Lucky and Doris

TwigletMonster · 06/05/2012 21:48

Ah Grockle we had a Doris too. What's (still) puzzling me is how both of them just vanished, save a few feathers. I'd have a thought a fox would kill them in situ then eat what it needed.

Poor things. DD is fine, we told her they'd escaped (she's 3.5), and although she asked if they'd been eaten, her immediate concern was that the cats would run off too.

pickgo we were the same. We'll get some more, the garden doesn't seem right without any clucking Sad. DH has been busy building a walk in run, and we'll shut the door every night. Even if it's raining.

OP posts:
Grockle · 06/05/2012 22:08

The fox has always taken my girls (and left a few feathers), except for Gloria, who he left strewn around the garden. Not a nice morning when DS went to let the girls out and came shrieking in saying, 'Mummy, Gloria's head is on the path' Shock

ZuzuandZara · 18/05/2012 12:40

Grockle Shock your poor DS!

TwigletMonster, that's the problem with foxes, they'll take whatever they can to cache. Kill quickly but take the lot if not disturbed. Especially at this time of year when there's hungry vixens and fox cubs.

I know this post is a bit old now so it won't apply to you but when we lost a 2 chickens out of 4, we found one hiding in a bush in the garden the following evening, she had a broken wing so had to be put down anyway Sad but it's worth checking they're not hiding after a fox attack if the fox has been disturbed and not taken them all.

RIP chickies

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