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Anyone got a green fro designs hen house?

4 replies

notasausage · 06/04/2012 19:22

They're a bit cheaper than Eglu, just wondered what people thought. I'm keen on the idea of easy cleaning compared to a traditional hen house.


OP posts:
ditavonteesed · 06/04/2012 19:26

I think solway look nicer, although eglus are well worth the money.

dobby2001 · 07/04/2012 00:21

Yes!! We have the medium chicken lodge and its brilliant! Cleaning takes 30 mins tops and thats a good clean with roof off to get in all the nooks and cranneies. A quick bedding and florr paper change is 10 mins. My old wooden coop took ages and stiil never seemed clean. its light eough to move by myself - well drag and when a new hen brought a bad red mite infestation into the coop last year it was simply a case of dismantling the whole unit, soaks/scrubbing everything in poultry sheild (and dusting off birds of course) and that was that. Viglelent cleaning and it never came back - and the whole strip down and clean was a couple of hours. Would never go back to wood now.

Everything comes quickly with easy to follow instructions. The team are very helpful - we had a missing clip and had a replacement in 24 hours.

Pictures in my profile if you want to see how we are set up. I have four hens and they are happy enough Smile

notasausage · 09/04/2012 21:52

Dobby - is it warm enough in winter and do you need to anchor it to stop it taking off in the wind!? We are in an exposed location in Scotland and have read that plastic hen houses might not be that well insulated.

Solway do look nicer but I'm put off by the fact they don't seem to come with legs, though as a total novice I'm not sure if that's important or not?

Need to make a decision so we can get started with some hens soon.

OP posts:
dobby2001 · 09/04/2012 23:26

Absolutely. The hens have had a snowy winter out in the coop and it was fine. There are four ventilation dials ,one permanently open so there is a minimum (some folk have worried about condensation ) the coop design makes it very solid once fully constructed and once you add the weight of the hens its certainly heavy enough! I have seen them used in some exposed sites and the owners were very happy (poultry breeders) having legs makes it easier to move and also provides a handy spot for the hens to shelter in poor or sunny weather. Mine make a dust bowl under

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