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Granny Dot is persistantly broody.....what to do?

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dandycandyjellybean · 22/03/2012 08:04

Have tried pretty much everything. She is a beautiful speckeldey, we have had her since August last year and this must be her 6th time broody at least. We keep them on an allotment, and there is no way that I can commit to hatching chicks. Is there a sure fire way of 'curing' her, or are there people out there that raise chicks that might want a broody? I feel so sorry for her. Have brought her home this morning to fatten her up a bit, although it is in our deeds that we are not supposed to keeps chickens. But I figure it's only for a few days and I will take her back at night.

Any advice to help poor Granny Dot would be very welcome.

OP posts:
dandycandyjellybean · 22/03/2012 19:32

bumping for Dotty!

OP posts:
MessNessPess · 31/03/2012 22:03

We have one of these with this for water and two these for layers and grit. The cage is held onto a central post in our coop run and perched on the edges of two bricks so above the ground, the jailee is let out to roam with the others whilst the pop door is shut then returned to a restocked jail, on day three the pop door is left open and if hen roosts then jail is removed if she settles in to the nest box tis to jail for another 24hrs and see what she does. We don't worry if when we let her out and she is out of water of layers as when broody they don't eat or drink.

They know what the jail means and look at the offender glad they have been behaving :o

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