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Anyone like to help me choose a coop?

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PuraVida · 07/02/2012 13:54

I'm still learning and doing lots of reading but I thought maybe
this one

Or may be this one

We can't afford an eglu

Would anyone be able to comment on pros and cons of these two. That would give me a much better idea of what I should be looking for in a coop

Also, we have a large concrete slab in our garden, formerly a shed base. I'd assumed they'd be better on grass but having done a bit of reading, might they be better to be on tr concrete, with regular outings around the garden when we're at home?

Thanks in advance for any help Smile

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PuraVida · 14/02/2012 09:41

Oh hessian seems a bit mean. See here for inspiration

OP posts:
nickelDorritt · 14/02/2012 10:58

backyard chickens is the best site for inspiration

The next box is supposed to be lower than the perches to stop them sleeping in the nest box (and therefore making a lot of poo in the straw Hmm )
In the coops I've had, the nest box has been added onto the side of the coop, so that the perches are not above the nest box.
In our current coop, there is a ledge on the edge of the nest box, to prevent the straw falling out. It is not a good plan, because it makes that ledge higher than the perch (by about ½ cm!) and the birds perch on the ledge with their arses hanging over into the nest box, thereby making lots of pooey mess in the nest box.

jujubean · 14/02/2012 18:50

Thanks for the links. The hessian idea was from my practical poultry book, they had a picture of little hessian curtains for the nest box to make it private for the chooks. I think I will see if I can make the nest box a bit lower.

josephrettig2012 · 15/02/2012 09:29

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

cobwebthegrey · 16/02/2012 18:38

Puravida, I take back my FSF recommendation, we've had issues from the start...sending one house back because of delivery damage (ok not their fault, but it was deliveered by a man on his own in a van too small... And the replacement? Was, you guessed it, delivered by a man on his own...)

and one of the parts on the replacement was misaligned, their response, 'oh you just need to take the panel off and screw it on straight...really??? after having spent hundreds on a house and run????.(and don't get me started on the run because at the moment there are gaps in that too and I also had to take a handle off of it and turn it and rescrew it before one of the doors would close. I'm pretty far from being impressed...and I really WANTED to be because They have such a good reputation!

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