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what to do with your chickens while you are on holiday

7 replies

triedandfailed · 15/01/2012 20:40

Can I ask what people do with their chickens while they are away for the weekend or on holiday?

OP posts:
duchesse · 15/01/2012 23:11

Ask your neighbours to come in and look after them! People love looking after hens as they get the eggs- pets that pay you in kind.

NannyPlumIsMyMum · 15/01/2012 23:13

We belong a skills exchange and get somebody in to look after them .

Grockle · 15/01/2012 23:15

Family who live round the corner or neighbours - people seem happy to do it in exchange for eggs & I always bring flowers/ wine/ local gift when I return.

Dee03 · 15/01/2012 23:19

I'm going away this year for a long weekend with the dc for the 1st time since having my hens so I've asked my mum to come down and stay, she only lives up the road and I also have 2 dogs and cats do it seemed the easiest option......god knows what I would've done if she'd said no tho Grin

hiddenhome · 16/01/2012 20:43

We have pet sitters who come in twice a day to let out and feed/clean, then lock up in the evening. They also look after the cats, fish and now the snake Smile

Grockle · 16/01/2012 22:03

How do you find pet sitters, hiddenhome?

hiddenhome · 16/01/2012 22:42

I just did a search online and found some really nice people. Husband and wife who go all over the area. They're not expensive and do a really good job.

The neighbour did look after them once, but didn't do it properly, so I figured I'd rather pay someone.

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