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Moved a broody hen

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MillyR · 18/06/2011 22:16

I have moved a broody hen. She had been under a bush for nearly a week, but I was worried about her being attacked by a fox.

I move her to a new coop on her own, with the eggs. Now she will not go back on the eggs. I have had a look just now and she is perching.

Should I release her tomorrow? And what should I do differently next time?

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MissBeehiving · 19/06/2011 22:16

Mmm. Probably move her as soon as she starts to sit somewhere that you don't want her to be. Moving mine never seems to bother them. If in fact it would be great if I could debroody them as easily as you can!

mummymeister · 20/06/2011 20:21

We had one that regularly tried to sit in the hedge - usually just out of reach as well. a couple of times we moved her just after she had laid a couple but each time she abandoned the eggs. Finally we let her stay there and kept daily watch until they hatched then moved them all into an ark. some girls don't mind but ours always have done so we leave them if we can to take their chances with he who must not be named and if not we move the eggs out as soon as they are laid. Current weather (lots of rain) and none of them are broody at the moment !

MillyR · 29/06/2011 16:33

It has been a failure and I have thrown the original eggs away. But she is now laying new eggs in the spare coop, and sitting on them a lot, but not enough for them to hatch (I think). So hopefully when she does get broody again she will sit on eggs she has in the little coop, rather than outside. I am not collecting eggs from this coop so hopefully she will get the idea.

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