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Homes for Hens Wanted - these farmed hens need rescuing before it's too late.

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Vallhala · 23/01/2011 17:38

Pne of my animal welfare contacts has just emailed this to me so I have no further details but if you're interested and can help please contact the action group directly on the number/address below.

Can you offer a home to any hens? Brighton Animal Action will be rehoming "end of lay" hens from Sussex on the week commencing 14th February. Thise who have no offer of a home will go to slaughter at the beginning of next week.

Please spread the word and contact 01273 885750 or [email protected] if you can help save some of these poor creatures.

OP posts:
racmac · 23/01/2011 17:57

sorry to far away to help but bumping for you

Vallhala · 23/01/2011 18:08

Thank you racmac. At the same time Little Hen Rescue will have 1000 hens to rehome, which can be collected from either Norwich or Cambridge.

I just wish some of them could come to me, hens are dear little souls. Sadly my Landlord, who's kind enough to allow me to own 3 dogs, just wouldn't stretch to permitting hens too.

OP posts:
racmac · 23/01/2011 18:42

still to far away im afraid!

Punkatheart · 23/01/2011 20:23

Have you tried posted this on the Omlet forum? They have huge traffic there....

frozenfestiveflo · 23/01/2011 21:22

too far away :(

saltyseadog · 24/01/2011 22:04

Too far away :(

I have some ex-batts already and they are positively delightful - far friendlier than my posh pure-breed girls.

Bumping for you.

bronze · 30/01/2011 23:32

Managed to convince dh that we can take on a few more girls. Will have a look at the Norwich rescue

bronze · 04/02/2011 08:58

We will see what happens. I haven't had a reply

gladdycat · 10/02/2011 22:35

Wish I could help, but I live too far away (in the North East) i also think my DP might move out in protest as I already have 12 ladies!! If you could post this appeal on the Omlet Forums, the 'Crazy Chicken People' will usually come up trumps for you. Good Luck!!

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