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Aw, would love a cockerel!

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ilovemyhens · 23/01/2011 15:09

There are some totally cute, bantam cockerels at the garden centre.

I know I can't, but would just love one for my girls Grin I love the sound they make, but I guess the neighbours would be furious Sad

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saltyseadog · 24/01/2011 22:06

I have a cockerel. I absolutely heart him - he is such a friendly boy.

However his voice has yet to break, and I really should start thinking now about finding him a new home with some new hens to love :(. I feel so sad at the thought of him going.

ilovemyhens · 25/01/2011 13:20

That's sad Sad

I really wish they weren't so noisy. I love the way they strut around keeping an eye on their girls.

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