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First blue egg!

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OhWesternWind · 21/01/2011 08:01

One of two our cream legbars, which we bought as POL last Sep, has finally laid an egg Smile. I am very excited! It's a beautiful pale blue but a lot smaller than the ex-batt eggs we have from the other girls. Does anyone know if a) she's likely to keep on laying now or if that was a one off-until spring and b) will the eggs get bigger as she gets into her stride so to speak?

OP posts:
MrsDanverclone · 21/01/2011 12:42

I am very jealous, we have a Columbine that I had hoped would lay blue or green eggs, but instead they are a pretty pastel colour. She started off laying a couple of weeks ago, small at first and intermittently, but now she is quite regular. They have got bigger but not as big as my hybrids ( which are Goldline and Lohman Brown) .

Madsometimes · 21/01/2011 14:43

My chickens stopped laying last July, and started again last week. It is very nice to not have to buy supermarket eggs any more. They did have a very long break, and dh was getting twitchy!

suwoo · 21/01/2011 14:45

Mine stopped laying when it snowed. Will they start again soon? They are silkies.

noniks · 24/01/2011 11:44

my legbar laid it's first egg four weeks ago - had one most days since.
and my silkie laid for first time last week

both leggie and silkie have a friend the same breed who have produced diddly squat since...

no rhyme or reason - the ladies are a law unto themselves!

suwoo · 25/01/2011 16:53

Ooh one laid yesterday and today Grin.

feynman · 24/02/2011 23:58

My leg-bars laying every day now

Earthdog · 27/02/2011 22:17

Some of my araucanas have just started again after a long Winter break (blue/green eggs) but only one of my Welsummers has started so far. I can tell they are about to soon though as they are eating more :-)

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