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Can hens have rice?

7 replies

Millie1 · 18/12/2010 12:12

Basmati - cooked, obviously! Mine will sometimes get some pasta as a treat (esp in this cold weather) but I've leftover rice from last night - yeah or nay? Thanks!

OP posts:
MissBeehivingUnderTheMistletoe · 18/12/2010 12:28

Yes. It's fine Smile

nickeldonkeycarrymary · 18/12/2010 17:04

yeah, no probs.

their diet goes out of the window this time of year - if they'll eat it, they can have it! Xmas Grin

ChasingSquirrels · 18/12/2010 17:05

mine love rice

Punkatheart · 18/12/2010 17:13

Apparently you do have to be a little careful not to feed too much - there is a risk of sour crop with rice. But in this weather, extra carbs won't hurt. Make sure they have lots of grit as well...

WewishYouACherryChristmas · 18/12/2010 17:15

Mine love rice!

Millie1 · 18/12/2010 20:58

Oh great - thanks. Poor things wouldn't set foot out of their house today - we have around 10-12 inches of snow. Even as DH cleaned them out they refused to move! They won't get much and have grit so I'll heat some tomorrow for them. Thanks!

OP posts:
ilovemyfestivehens · 20/12/2010 19:13

Mine love their rice.

You can also feed them plain couscous.

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