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Eggs and salmonella .... is this true?

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nappyaddict · 23/11/2010 21:29

I heard hens are only vaccinated against Salmonella Entiritis but there are thousands of types of salmonella so even though they have had the vaccination they could still get salmonella and therefore lion-marked eggs can't be guaranteed as salmonella free?

With both vaccinated and unvaccinated hens even if your hens have never had bad eggs before it doesn't mean they never will. I heard it is carried by rodents, birds and flies so regardless of the environment both vaccinated and unvaccinated hens could still get salmonella at any time?

OP posts:
nappyaddict · 23/11/2010 21:34

Also is it true that salmonella is only on the shell of the eggs (from the hen's faeces) so therefore if you wash the shell and try not to eat the shell Wink then you shouldn't get salmonella?

OP posts:
ilovehens · 24/11/2010 21:53

You shouldn't wash the shell because it washes away the protective mucous layer that prevents bacteria from entering the egg from outside.

Just wipe them with a piece of kitchen roll.

Properly cooking eggs will kill salmonella, so no soft boiled eggs.

faverolles · 25/11/2010 10:13

Also if you wash the eggs, it pushes the bacteria into the porous shell.

sethstarkaddersmum · 25/11/2010 10:19

From what I've read, the bacteria hang out on the membrane between the yolk and the white, and as the egg gets older they multiply and a lot of them make their way into either the yolk or white, can't remember which.
I am sure there are plenty of yucky bacteria on the outside of an eggshell (especially when my hens poo in the nesting box and lay an egg on it Hmm) so if I get an egg with a dirty shell I try to use it for a recipe where it will be very well cooked, just in case any bacteria get onto the inside of the egg when I break it.
I'm not saying there aren't lots of invisible bacteria on the clean eggshell too of course. But I would have thought a simple wash wouldn't be enough to remove them all and as ilovehens says, it washes away the protective layer, so I definitely wouldn't wash them.

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