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How do you keep tots and little kids away from chicken poop?

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peggy0062 · 21/11/2010 21:32

I am considering keeping chickens but still at the research stage...

Would you let chicken roam free in the garden if you have young children?
How do you keep the garden hygienic for the kids to round around in?

Should I wait till the kids are bit older? What age would you recommend?

OP posts:
Millie1 · 22/11/2010 20:57

I've two year olds and got chickens in the spring. They're in an electrically fenced run which the children have access to if I'm cleaning the girls out. They also free-range a bit (although not recently as they were digging up my grass Shock. I just poo-pick constantly. It's all you can do. It does put paid to DC's running barefoot in the grass though!

peggy0062 · 23/11/2010 09:39

Millie, thanks for the reply.
Do you feel you have enough time to look after the kids and the chickens?
Does hubby help with the chickens cos mine won't!

How many chicken do you have?
Do you have the chickens as pets or mainly for the eggs?

OP posts:
ilovehens · 23/11/2010 19:02

I keep chickens and have two boys.

I clear up the poo twice a day and the kids have learnt to dodge the piles of poo.

I can't say it's ever been a problem, but perhaps with toddlers you might struggle.

Chickens don't take up too much time, but you do have to sweep up and swill down every day. It's also a bit miserable in the winter when you're struggling to keep them clean in the freezing rain and snow.

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