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How long should "point of lay" take to lay?!

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whizzylala · 03/11/2010 16:15

I got four new chooks over four weeks ago now and not an egg in sight. Two I picked specifically for their red combs the other two looked smaller and younger and I expected them to be behind but I really think I should have had an egg by now. More to the point my neighbour and I bought them from the same farm, same pen, same day and she got eggs after just a week or so. I rung the farm and they basically just said after asking a few questions - they will lay when they are ready.
They are hybrids, does the shorter hours affect them, may they not come into lay until the spring now?
Any thoughts?

OP posts:
dikkertjedap · 03/11/2010 20:49

Normally they will start to lay after 18 weeks. Shorter daylight will definitely affect them. Do you let them out first thing in the morning or later during the morning? When do you lock them up? When there is still daylight? Difference with neighbour's pullets might be amount of daylight they get. What about food? Do you give them layers' pellets? Don't get more hens, because mixing them could introduce diseases and they may die on you (have seen a few times that people went out to buy another hen and voila dead hens a week later). If you feed them well and let them have as much daylight as possible they will start laying. Matter of patience!

whizzylala · 05/11/2010 13:05

Just seen a rat in their run - yuck. Would this be the cause of the delay? Are they stressed by a rat? How is best way to get rid of it NOW!!!

OP posts:
faverolles · 05/11/2010 22:35

The shorter hours will affect them, but even though they're hybrids, some will start to lay later than others.
POL is a term that describes the age of the chicken, rather than saying it is about to start laying (confusingly!) Sadly at this time of year, it may still be a few weeks before you see an egg ( but no doubt me saying that will mean that you get your first tomorrow :o)
I wouldn't think a rat would faze them, but it would be as well to deal with it to stop any nasty diseases spreading.

faverolles · 05/11/2010 22:37

Sorry, saw you wanted rat busting tips too!
We have rat bait stations - they are like plastic boxes which are arranged inside so that rats can get to the bait fastened inside, but children and pets can't.
You can get them and the bait from agricultural merchants.

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