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Silkies & cats? Living on bark? And more questions......

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suwoo · 14/09/2010 09:28

Hello chicken lovers.

I have this mad want, to get two black silkies. I live in Manchester and have a small ish garden, 3 kids and 2 cats.

Can I house them on bark, like I've seen the Eglu can be (won't be an eglu). They can be free range when we're in. If I get them as chicks, do they go straight outside?

My cat is a big 16lb'er and is the dominant male in the neighbourhood, although is soft as shite. He does hunt, and he had a pigeon the other day- thankfully it escaped. Is it even possible to think about chickens? Or am I setting them up for an immediate death Sad

Can anyone lend me a chicken keeping book, and anyone in Manchester that I can come and talk to?

Cheers me dears.

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missbeehiving · 14/09/2010 12:39

Hello prospective chicken lover Smile

Silkies are great, I breed and show them and have about 60 at the moment.

They'll be fine on bark - and fine with a cat as long as they are big enough. Some of mine free range and the cats don't bother them. Anything less than about pigeon size and I wouldn't trust them though.

Don't buy silkies as chicks - they are difficult to sex and you may end up being sold 2 cockerals. Get them as point of lay (POL).

Make sure that your silkies are vaccinated for Mareks disease or the breeder is breeding from a Marek's resistant strain.

I live in Norfolk, so can't be of much help. I do have some books if you don't have any luck closer to home. HTH

suwoo · 14/09/2010 13:04

Ooh thank you so much, missbeehiving.

this is the link to the shop I have seen them available. What do you think?

OP posts:
missbeehiving · 14/09/2010 13:39

I don't know those people Suwoo but I'm not the best person to ask that question, I'm afraid, because I show mine I only buy in very good bloodlines from the best breeders, who are well known in show circles. I'm very lucky as most of my stock has come from a fantastic breeder who is now a good friend who lives about an hour away from me. I always recommend that if people want to buy silkies that they do so from a member of the Silkie Club.

I do have some details of breeders who are in the Silkie Club who are in Lancs, if you are interested. They will usually have some stock to sell.

NoMilkToday · 14/09/2010 13:51

Suwoo, the ad looks like they're selling them as chicks, which are a nightmare to sex!

As Missbeehiving says, better to get them from a reputable breeder, then you know what you are buying, and you'll have some back-up if there are any problems afterwards.

Bark can have fungal spores on/in it, which can cause respiratory problems - wood chip is better :)

missbeehiving - what colours do you have?

suwoo · 14/09/2010 13:58

Briliant thanks. Thats really helpful. MissB, I would love the details of the Lancashire based people. Thanks.

OP posts:
missbeehiving · 14/09/2010 14:07

NoMilkToday - All the standard colours - blue, gold, white, partridge and black.Blush

Suwoo - are you CATable?

suwoo · 14/09/2010 14:35

Don't think I am these days. My email is [email protected]


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missbeehiving · 14/09/2010 15:46


suwoo · 14/09/2010 15:51

Ooh thanks. Am v excited Grin

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