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Somewhat dejected chicken - help needed!

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twinky · 30/08/2010 13:29

My lovely wee black rock, Matilda, has been sitting in the nest box more or less permanently for the last 2 says. I've been booting her out into the garden and closing the cube door and she's made it clear she ain't happy about it. However, when I lifted her out this morning I realised that her tummy area is completely bald. So is she just broody and moulting or is she ill? I can't see any mites or lice and she's been eating. Currently standing on her bluebell companion who is claimimg ownership of the dustbath! Any advice gratefully received.

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missbeehiving · 30/08/2010 14:53

If she fluffs up her feathers and clucks angrily when you lift her off - she's broody.

She's probably moulting as well poor thing. Give her some Poultry Spice or conditioner and she'll be fine.

bramblebooks · 30/08/2010 20:43

If she's broody she'll have plucked her chest clear to keep the eggs warm when she sits on them. Am so glad I'm not a chicken.

Do what miss says re the extra bits. :)

twinky · 31/08/2010 09:24

Thankyou both, you've just confirmed what I suspected. She seems fine other than being bald underneath. Will try the poultry spice. Many thanks.

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