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carers/maternity allowance

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feelinuncomfortable · 30/12/2008 12:25

Does anyone know if you get CA, are your NI contributions paid enough to get maternity allowance?

Am due a baby and someone mentioned this to me so I thought I'd check. Have googled but can't find anything. Don't work otherwise, well, I earn about £40 a week occasionally, when I'm lucky!

DH works full-time though.

OP posts:
PuzzleRocks · 30/12/2008 17:18

Bumping for you.

lou031205 · 30/12/2008 17:42

Hi feelinuncomfortable. I'm not entirely sure. However, I do know that you can't get carer's allowance if you are receiving Maternity allowance over the rate of Carers (£50 per week) at any rate. If you were receiving MA at less than carer's, they would only top you up to the carer's allowance rate anyway.

So, in short, you won't get any extra money by having MA given your earnings anyway, and even if you did apply for MA, you would only be topped up to the figure you are currently getting.

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