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Carer on universal credit

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Sengland01 · 16/04/2023 21:02

Could someone please tell me if i would be made to look for work if I am classed as a carer for my son who is disabled whilst on universal credit.

I work 3 days a week and was wondering if I can afford to stop working, but don't want to get into trouble with universal credit and lose lots of benefit.

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Darthwazette · 16/04/2023 21:04

Carers are exempt from the need to look for work.

OhMyCherriePie · 16/04/2023 21:05

I use to have to attend work focused interviews every 6 months despite being a carer with 2 kids on dla because I had a child under 5 so depends on circumstances

Pubesofsoberness · 16/04/2023 21:09

I've got a job now but never had to attend anything or look for work. I started work in November and dc is 10

Sengland01 · 16/04/2023 21:56

Thanks everyone, my son is 6 years old and is up a few times a night making work difficult.

I just thought as he is in school they will make me work whilst he is at school and they would make you look for work or penalize me for giving up my job.

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