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Looking advice about post-op care at home

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LadyDoc1 · 03/03/2020 21:11

Hi, I’m recovering from my third operation on a prolapsed disc in my lumbar spine in 3 months! Was just flown back from a work trip to E Europe by air ambulance yesterday.
I’m on strict instructions to lie flat for most of the day, can only sit up for meals and toilet. I’m having problems showering, with keeping things tidy around the house, not allowed to lift anything or twist or bend for the next 3 weeks. Convenient eh?
I’m realising I’m going to need some help with personal care, putting away shopping, doing dishes, all the stuff we take for granted.
I’m in west end of Glasgow. Had been very well until the evil disc started its nonsense about 8 months ago.
Can anyone point me in the direction where to find a reputable career who could help with these activities? I will need help for at least a month I think.
I’m really shaken by how things deteriorated so suddenly, had a mini panic attack in the shower earlier, I can’t believe I’m in this state at 40 having been so active before. Tell you what, it’s made me realise how grateful I should have been.
Anyway, any advice or personal recommendations would be brilliant, thank you

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