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Special guardianship passport application

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WilliamnErnest · 08/04/2018 13:43


I just wanted to come on and thank a member, I can’t find the thread, who gave advice about applying for for a childs first passport when they are on an SGO.
My older son booked us all a surprise holiday in May and I was panicking as my passport lapsed 13 years ago and I didn't even have one for my granddaughter.
After reading the thread I filled out her application form, sent her BC, her BF's BC, my BC and the original SGO order.
I wrote in the 'extra info' boxes explaining the BM was in the wind and has had no contact for 7 years, I didn't know her DOB, POB, address, or any details of her parents. I did put her full name In the form.
I also wrote that my son, her BF, had only seen her once in 12 months although he lived only 2 miles away and that was accidentally in Morrisons.... lol.
I felt like I was writing her
Well just to say thankyou as it seems to have worked as both our passports were delivered this morning.
It only took 20 days and then there was Easter BH as well.
I was really worried as my older son had told her she was going on a lovely holiday and might have to let her down.


OP posts:
Cantraig · 12/10/2019 16:08

Hi, I’ve just seen this post and hope you may be able to help me.
We fostered our Nephew for 18 months but now have an SGO.
We have been waiting since March for the Local Authority to get us a passport for him, the court has even ordered them to sort the passport out. It’s now October and we are still waiting.
I’m thinking of just applying ourselves.
What documentation did you send off?
The problem we have is birth mother has a different name on her birth certificate to what is on the child’s birth certificate. However his grandmothers birth certificate shares the same last name as him.
For example (names changed)
-Child’s birth certificate states -
Name - Luke Layfield
Mother- Sarah Layfield
-mothers birth certificate states
Name - Sarah Jones
Mother - Sally Jones

  • Grand Mother’s Birth Certificate

Name - Sally Layfield
Mother - June Layfield

Does this make sense?
Basically the last name has skipped an entire generation but the birth mother has decided to use the Grand mothers Maiden Name.

Your confused, imagine me I really need to get this passport but have no clue how we are going to do it.
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