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Caring for elderly relatives? Supercarers can help


Carers UK

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PinkBuffalo · 07/02/2018 20:16

Hi All
As this corner is very quiet, I thought I would point people to Carers UK.
They have a forum specifically for carers that I've just joined. Lots of useful advice more tailored to your situation.
I think I'll use mumsnet predominantly but for when I'm struggling/tired with mum I might use them for specific advice.
I have my carers assessment from the local carers support group in 2nd March & im going to tell them I'm just too exhausted looking after mum & im not prepared to give up work either.
Hope this helps someone that may be struggling
Flowers to everyone doing this very tough unpaid 'job'
MNHQ I hope you don't mind me directing people to another forum.

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