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Please help

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stephanielittl7 · 22/11/2016 14:27

I need some advice on how to help my Gran. Shes 94 and over the last few weeks she has been falling in the house. She has a frame for in the house and when she very rarely goes out she has a wheelchair. She doesnt have a clue why she is falling but im afraid i do. She really needs to get her hearing sorted out because she is getting very deaf. But she wont she is very stubborn and refuses to get help for it. Its affecting her balance and thats why she keeps falling. Ive begged and pleaded for her to get sorted but she wont. I dont know what to do im scared she will really hurt herself one day. I cant be there all the time because ive got a disabled child and need to be there for him too. Does anyone have any idea on what i can do to help her? She refuses to accept any outside help expecting me to do it all for her. At this rate she will end up in a home and i know that wont be happening. Thank in advance

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Mumto2uk · 03/12/2016 22:03

So sorry to hear about your situation and I didn't want to read and run. If she will not accept help and is refusing it, what about a necklace or bracelet alarm that she can press that notifies a centre that she needs help and assistance. There are companies out there that provide this service for a fee. If you can afford it, might be worth look into. X

HeddaGarbled · 04/12/2016 00:23

It may not have anything to do with her hearing. Frequent falls are really common for elderly people and it could be any one of a number of causes.

I've been through this with both my parents. With my dad (Alzheimer's), it was happening pretty much daily and after several hospital admissions, he basically wasn't allowed to come home again. The hospital and Social Services were pretty firm with my mum that she couldn't care for him on her own and a care home place was found. He didn't have any say in the matter.

With my mum, she's still at home. She has a call button on a wristband which she wears like a watch and has to use it approx once a month. With her, it's weakness in her feet & legs, especially when she gets out of bed. She tends to just slide to the floor and not hurt herself, just can't get up again. With my dad it was fairly spectacular falls and he did hurt himself, hence the hospital admissions.

If she's being stubborn, there's probably not a lot you can do until she has a fall bad enough to make her wake up to her new reality. I know it's hard Flowers

stephanielittl7 · 04/12/2016 06:40

Thankyou Mumto2uk and HeddaGarbled The bracelet/necklace is a good idea but whether she will have one is debatable. It is very hard when you are the sole carer and she wont accept any outside help. I will just have to try and convince her to at least try and see if it will make a difference and stop the falls. Thankyou Flowers

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