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minnie moo liners

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Liz79 · 24/06/2010 15:35

I want to get a cotton car seat liner for DDs group 1 seat (its black polyester and she gets very hot and sweaty in it)and came across this compnay it looks really good. Just wondered if anyone had any experience of buying from them, are they any good? Thanks

OP posts:
TruthSweet · 24/06/2010 20:34

Check in your car seats manual/manufacturers website/call line if they allow after market products to be used.

Most probably won't as the item will not have been tested in the car seat (both for fire retardant ability and for crash testing purposes).

The liner may interfere with the way the harness is threaded or add extra bulk which could compress in an accident leading to an ejection.

There may be an alternative seat cover for your DC's seat made by the manufacturer especially for the summer. Off the top of my head Maxi-Cosi make summer covers for their seats.

Liz79 · 25/06/2010 21:20

Thanks. I have just received the maxi-cosi one today, for the baby. I looked on the britax site and they do make a 'keep cool cover' but when I googled it I couldn't find even 1 place which sells it. It is the same idea.

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 25/06/2010 21:24

in car safety centre sell covers for britax seats

Liz79 · 25/06/2010 21:55

appears to be a replacement for the actual car seat cover rather than an additional summer one. I think?

OP posts:
TruthSweet · 26/06/2010 09:07

I have heard on US sites of mums putting ice packs in the seat for a few minutes to cool the seat cover down before putting the child in (obviously removing the ice packs!).

I'd email Britax direct to see if you could buy the keep cool covers from them rather than 3rd party supplier.

lynniep · 14/07/2010 14:38

I've got minnie moo liners for the baby and the toddler car seats. I think they do help in summer to keep the baby cool. But mainly to be honest they help to keep the mess restricted when your child upchucks ALL OVER the back of the car I know you can remove car seat covers, but as your kid will generally not vomit within spitting distance of home, at least you can pull off the liner and they have something clean to sit on.

They are fire resistant, and not particularly thick - just enough to be cosy, therefore I doubt they would interfere with an accident - but I couldnt calculate that scientifically and therefore cannot state it as a fact - thats just common sense.

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