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Kiddy Infinity Pro, does it make babies hot?

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BunnyGrumpy · 12/06/2010 20:07

We've been looking at buying s Kiddy Infinity Pro car seat which is a seat without a 5 point harness but with a bumper. It's rated very highly for safety but I'm concerned the bumper will make my daughter too hot in warm weather. Does anyone have one, how has it been during the recent hot weather? Thanks!

OP posts:
Theantsgomarching · 12/06/2010 20:15

We have this and love it! It can get warm but we just dress accordingly for the car and use AC. My dd has never complained about being uncomfortable. I wouldn't see it as a negative

Adventuredad · 13/06/2010 14:39

Safety in a Kiddy Infinity Pro is ok but not any better than a normal high back booster as long as we are talking about a child 4 and up. Most, but not all, children who use the seat find it highly uncomfortable after a while.

Not advisable for kids who don't like small spaces if you know what I mean:-)


BertieBotts · 13/06/2010 14:55

AdventureDad I think you are confused, the Infinity Pro is a group 1 seat, not a highbacked booster. The Comfort Pro is a Group 1-2 seat and can be used from 9-18kg with the bumper or 15-25kg without.

I don't see that this seat would be any more uncomfortable than a 5-point harness. Both restrict movement in different ways.

Not sure about hotness from the bumper, but it does have breathable fabrics which other carseats may not.

You can also buy the [ um=Google&Grey&oftid=mR2MgAScGS2ABLhXm8n7rPBybAWAc7W3hUWnlmB36mGvIrdmtGx4on-GKqLmldS clima insert]] thing which is supposed to draw heat and sweat away from the child's body and make it more comfortable.

BertieBotts · 13/06/2010 14:56

Oops sorry, um=Google&Grey&oftid=mR2MgAScGS2ABLhXm8n7rPBybAWAc7W3hUWnlmB36mGvIrdmtGx4on-GKqLmldS Clima Insert

BertieBotts · 13/06/2010 14:57

Aargh! Oh well, at least the link goes to the right place now

Adventuredad · 14/06/2010 08:17

Sorry I phrased the answer in a poor way. Everything is correct except it's not a high back booster. It's ok for safety, for a forward facing seat, but most kids find it very uncomfortable when using more than a few minutes. Not for kids who don't like small spaces.

I don't see any reason for using a seat like this. A rear facing seat should be used the first few years and then be transitioned to a high back booster. Using a rear facing car seat is 500% safer than a Kiddy Infinity Pro or a regular forward facing seat. This has time and again been proven by peer reviewed independent research.

BertieBotts · 14/06/2010 15:35

My reason for using it is because I don't drive so I need a seat that fits into various cars for when I get lifts or use taxis etc. No rearfacing seat that I know of does this. Also it's very light and easy to fit which is helpful when I can't just leave it in the car.

Also, it has much better side impact protection than some of the rear facing carseats. (Not all of them, granted). DS doesn't seem to find it uncomfortable, longest time he's been in it is an hour. He sleeps in it fairly easily and goes into it happily - holds his arms out for the bumper cushion.

No car seat is 100% perfect but I don't see why you are so against it! Also, I thought that it had been shown that seats with an impact shield put less strain on the neck in an accident than a 5-point harness. Still not as safe as rear-facing, OK, but a better bet than other forward facing seats, and the benefit of the excellent side and rear impact protection.

ummwhatnext · 14/06/2010 15:47

My dd is often in hers for hours and never complains... and believe me I'd know if she didn't like it. We can swap between our cars and grandparents etc.. wouldn't consider anything else for ds when the time comes

Earplugs · 14/06/2010 16:23

We've got one and love it! They are safer than the standard 5 point harness, light and easy to use. Haven't had any problems with DS getting hot and he doesn't mind having the cushion one bit.

Adventuredad, that actually wasn't the question the op asked. You may prefer rear facing, others do not. Obviously your comment about 'most kids' doesn't apply to the ones of the parents on this thread!

bruxeur · 16/06/2010 20:03

Adventuredad should probably make the fact that he runs a website selling rear-facing seats a little bit clearer - if he doesn't want to get called out as an oily spiv, that is.

And pay the appropriate wedge for advertising, too.

BunnyGrumpy · 30/10/2010 14:49

Just to let everyone know that we bought a kiddy infinity pro and we're really pleased. It doesn't make our daughter too hot as the bumper is very cleverly shaped so not all of it presses against her body. It's also great for moving from car to car as it's so light and so easy to pick up.

I just wanted to update in case anyone else wanted an answer to the question I posed! Thanks for the input everyone!

OP posts:
littleshinyone · 04/01/2011 08:43

thanks! i was going to post the same thing!

Carseatcrazy · 05/01/2011 11:26

although I appreciate that Adventuredad sells rear facing seats, I understand that he is just trying to give the best information to all parents about safety - please don't run him down for trying to impart info that is in all our interests - he sells seats in Sweden and there are a host of suppliers all around England now, so I think we should listen to his input, and take on board bits that might be useful. I particularly want to strongly support what he is saying about rearfacing seats.

Side impact protection for example in all forward facing seats is pretty much irrelevant and useless in most impacts- the vast majority of crashes are combined with a brief moment of very hard braking (pre-braking) as you do your best to avoid the crash (this is an automatic reaction, and is sometimes almost involuntary and so is rarely avoided). Unfortunately this flings your LO's head forward so at the point of impact their head is no-where near any side impact protection. With rear facing seats the opposite is true.

This is just a minor point that is often over looked and is secondary to the main issue of rear facing seats giving significantly better protection to LO's spine's and necks, ppreventing the internal decapitation that is often seen with FF seats.

Having said that, as someone pointed out, it is all a very personal choice and many parents still opt to go FF. I just wanted to mention this in case other parents are reading this thread who are considering their next seat :)

PS- I don't have anything to do with Adventuredad or rearfacing seat sales, I'm just a parent to gets sooo frustrated at our government not providing parents with the best info about car seat safety.....

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