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Next seat for nrly 9 month old DD..

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CrosswordGeekWantsChange · 02/06/2010 12:42

I think she still has a decent amount of room in her standard car seat (came as part of her travel system, so no isofix etc, was pretty unaware when I got it!)

I need a car seat that will fit in a Citroen C2, Nissan Micra (froggy shape) and mark 3 Ford Mondeo. All of which have isofix, but I keep seeing issues with fitting car seats in the Mondeo, which will be the main car it is in.

I like the idea of a rear-facing, but doubt that any of them will fit safely in the C2, so would probably have to buy a cheaper, and less safe, FF car seat to leave in there :/


OP posts:
nicm · 02/06/2010 12:59

if you're anywhere near belfast or milton keynes i would go to the in car safety and see what fits. i have the KISS car seat which is apparently one of the smallest and it is isofix. look on and the essex in car safety team have measurements on there somewhere. i have had the kiss in a vw polo and can sit in the front so it can be done. could you put it in the front seat of the C2? can you switch the airbag off? i've just googled it and it's super tiny!

CrosswordGeekWantsChange · 02/06/2010 22:41

Am in SW England, so not really!!

Can turn off the airbag in the C2, DD goes in the front in the infant carrier as we can't tighten the seatbelt if it is in the back!! It is VERY tiny, my Mum didn't see a grandchild coming when she bought it, bless her.

I can't find the KISS car seat?

OP posts:
nicm · 03/06/2010 09:05

i got mine in the in car safety centre in belfast. the c2 is very tiny-maybe a car i'll have in my next life! not that suitable for a childminder lol! would love a mini too!

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