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Group 1 car seat - in and out of cars?

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Longtalljosie · 29/05/2010 17:14

God this is complicated. Getting a newborn carseat was so easy!

DH has a car for work (long commute) and I have one too for in the week. DH prefers his car at weekends so our Maxicosi Familyfix Isofix tends to swap cars quite a bit.

Our two first choices for car seat were out as one (MC Priori) does my car but not his, the other (Britax Safefix) vice versa - so we're left with a Britax Duo, which does fix both.

But is it practical swapping the far bigger, bulkier carseats over the way we did the newborns? They look huge... Or will we just have to get one which fits my car, and use that one at weekends?

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Irons · 29/05/2010 20:10

Although they look big and bulky they are usually fairly lightweight. We don't even have isofix and we don't struggle with our maxi cosi

nicm · 29/05/2010 20:10

they're easy enough to swop but not as easy as baby seats-but we still do it at the weekends to dps car as he prefers to use his too! we have a KISS which is isofix so just clips in and out, but we also have a britax two way elite which is lighter to lift but needs put in with a seat belt each time.

Longtalljosie · 29/05/2010 21:43

Thanks guys

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