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Silly question about maxi-cosi seats (sorry first time mum!)

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NichyNoo · 27/04/2010 12:10

I am getting confused by all the different car seats and advice out there and have some basic questions to make sure I understand correctly.

  • We have a VW Golf which has ISOFIX points in it. Does this mean that the Maxi-Cosi Family Fix base will fit in (i.e. is family fix the same as ISOFIX?)

  • Am I right in thinking we can buy the Maxi-Cosi Pebble and then the Maxi-Cosi Pearl and use the same family fix base for both?

  • If we change our car in the future (its a company car so we won't have any choice in new car) and the new car doesn't have ISOFIX, can we still use the Maxi-Cosi seats we will have bought?

Thanks for any getting really confused with all the different names and advice!!!
OP posts:
Seona1973 · 27/04/2010 12:54

according to this, then yes you can use one base for both seats and the base is isofix. You could use the infant carrier (pebble) with a seatbelt but need the family fix base to use the Pearl seat so it couldnt be used in a car without isofix.

nicm · 27/04/2010 13:06

hi nichynoo, yes boths seats work with the same base although the group 1 seat is only ff and it is now recommended that you keep the child rear facing to age 4!

if i was to be pg again for the first time i would get a KISS(klippan isofix safety system). sell them. the seat lifts out like a baby seat too so you can carry it around and leave the base in the car. there is a video here which shows you the seat. it is really easy to fit using the isofix points or the seatbelt. at the wheels for the baby seat!

i would doubt very much if you would get a car without isofix points.

nicm · 27/04/2010 13:07

sorry i meant a new car that doesn't have isofix!

IMoveTheStars · 27/04/2010 13:07

We have a VW Golf mark 4 (T reg) and we have the Maxi Cost Isofix base, and the Priorifix, so yes - it will fit.

KnitterInTheNW · 27/04/2010 13:10

Make sure you get it checked at mothercare or somewhere though, our cars have isofix but the maxi cosi baby car seat we had was too upright when fit with the isofix base. Fine strapped in with seatbelts though.

NichyNoo · 27/04/2010 13:36

Thanks for the advice. My problem is that I live in Belgium and we want to buy the car seat when we come to the UK in May (as baby stuff is sooo much cheaper in the UK).

Thus we won't be able to get it installed at Mothercare or Halfords as we won't put it in the car until August and they don't give installation advice at shops in Belgium

OP posts:
nicm · 27/04/2010 13:44

i have the KISS in a vw golf and it was check at the in car safety centre.

you could ask them to check it and then ship it for you?

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