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nobiggy · 24/04/2010 22:36

My car has 3 3-point seat belts in the back, but the middle seat is very narrow. It's fine for a slim older child who doesn't need a booster, but a booster seat is too wide.

Can you buy such a thing as a narrow booster for the middle seat, and if not, is there a reason?

OP posts:
RaceyLacey · 25/04/2010 14:34

We're needing to fit a 3rd seat in our mondeo. The boys are in graco high backed boosters which are 15" wide (can't find any narrower) and that only leaves 13" in the middle. We've looked at rear facing seats (for when dc3 is born) and they're all 17" wide.

Call me cynical but I think car seat manufacturers have a deal with car manufacturers so that when you need 3 in the back you're forced to buy a people carrier.

nicm · 25/04/2010 21:14

the most narrow booster seat is the maxi cosi rodi sps model and the most narrow rf seat is the KISS(klippan isofix safety system) but can be fitted with a seat belt too and is very secure using the seatbelt.

nicm · 25/04/2010 21:16

sorry nobiggy, i had a scenic and the middle seat was like this, just managed the rodi sps on it although it was hard to reach the seatbelt clip. i normally switched the airbag off in the front and used the passenger seat and only the middle if i needed to.

nobiggy · 26/04/2010 11:27

Oh, and the scenic has just about full-size seats in the back too

Someone really ought to make narrow booster seats, unless there is some reason not too? It's not as if the kids are wide!

OP posts:
RaceyLacey · 26/04/2010 13:09

Thanks nicm. I've seen the maxi cosi one suggested on other sites, it's actually a couple of mm wider than the ones we have!

I'll have a look at the KISS.

I used ot have a scenic (ex's choice). Easily the worst car I've ever owned and definitely couldn't have fitted a 3rd seat in that, although quite a few people on forums claim to be able to.

RaceyLacey · 26/04/2010 13:12

nicm, do you know of any links to klippan as I can't find anything on google.

nicm · 26/04/2010 13:27

ha ha rl yes it was the worst car i have ever owned too but nothing to do with fitting 3 seats in the back seat!!

i have found photos of it on this site =1&tbnid=FuSQPGr35tUL-M:&tbnh=129&tbnw=141&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dklippan%2Bisofix%2Bsafety%2Bsystem%26u m%3D1%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN%26rls%3Dig%26tbs%3Disch:1 sell the seat and it can be used form birth- 4 yrs. it has a baby seat too that can be lifted out and lots of padding inserts, although i got this when ds was 18 months so have not nedded to use it with the padding.

it is very easy to install with either the seatbelt or isofix and reclines easily.

nicm · 26/04/2010 13:28

oops sorry about that!

nicm · 26/04/2010 13:33

oh and there's a video here. just click on 'se video' above the photo of the car seat. it is the same as the KISS only the KISS has uk covers.

2greatboysandabump · 29/04/2010 17:26

I recently had this problem, and actually thought I would never get a booster seat to fit in the middle seat of my meriva. The Britax Adventure was the slimmest booster I could find and is suitable for up to age 12. This seat was actually narrower than all of the booster seats (without a back) which I measured. Both Mothercare and Halfords have confimred that it was a safe fit.

I have ended up buying 3 new carseats but this was still much cheaper than buying a new car and I am confident that all three will fit in safely when DC3 arrives .

flaime · 02/05/2010 16:15

If you want a narrow booster seat without the back then try the voyager booster seats from Tescos. They are 14 3/4" wide. Best ones we have found for fitting 3 older kids in the back of the car comfortably.

sazm · 05/05/2010 03:52

i have a vectra and i fit 2 britax hi-liners and a maxi-cosi cabrio seat in mine easily, i now have a britax eclipse instead of the cabrio.
I put the babyseat in the middle as they fit together better that way.

(i have also had this combination in a 3 door corsa,a focus and an mgzr)


Adventuredad · 05/05/2010 18:17

The seat you are talking about is called DuoLogic , it's not really called "Klippan Isofix Safety System". It's43 cm wide and just slightly more narrow than Britax Hi-Way at 45 cm.

Due to being narrow DuoLogic will also last a bit shorter than other rear facing seats despite having a tall seat shell. It's a great seat which can be installed with Isofix or seat belt. If you want to see photos of this seat in different vehicles just email me at hakan AT

One major feature of this sea is that it's very compact and fits nicely in small and large cars. Fitting it in Ford Fiesta, Opel Corsa, VW Polo, etc is fine.


thisisyesterday · 05/05/2010 18:21

don't be fooled by measurements yhoughh!!!

i have 3 seats across the back of my volvo v70. we were sold a Graco highback booster as it was the "narrowest"

well, it may well be the narrowest, but the arm rests on it prevented it from fitting next to the other seats.
we tried a britax adventure which has no armrests and it fits fine!!

so it isn't necessarily what's narrowest, it's what fits around your other seats IME

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