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Has anyone used the Maxi Cosi 24 month guarantee?

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StrictlyKatty · 23/03/2010 09:41

I bought a Priorifix about 18 months ago. The buckle has now started to crack. Took it back to Mothercare whom I bought it from, they said it was unsafe to use and I should contact MC as Mothercare only offered a 12 month guarantee despite MC offering a 24 month guarantee on all car seats

Talked to MC who said it MUST be returned via the retailer.... but Mothercare won't take it!

Has anyone else had this problem? How do you get MC to honour the 24 month guarantee?


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nicm · 23/03/2010 10:31

yeah good luck with that! have never had much help from dorel customer services. maybe contact mc head office in the netherlands and see if they are any more help?

StrictlyKatty · 23/03/2010 11:13

Grrr that's what I thought! They are saying the car seat is dangerous and is under guarantee and yet they won't collect it

I hate all these companies that you have to email and they never reply and then they make the T&C's so blooming difficult you never end up getting it sorted out!

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