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RENTAL car seats?

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Meita · 30/01/2010 11:17

Hi all,
I hope this is in the right place.

We have a family visiting us from abroad in a few weeks' time. Their kids are 3 and 5 yo. Bringing car seats with them might prove to be difficult due to luggage restrictions on the plane.

So we were wondering if anyone offers children car seats for rent? Pointers towards any companies or organisations would be very much appreciated.

Alternatively, I was wondering if some car seat companies offer "try before you buy" schemes, so we could pretend we were interested in buying, but then give them back after a week? I know this is not very ethical and would very much prefer to rent.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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LIZS · 30/01/2010 11:30

There's here but the costs add up so much it may be worth borrowing off friends or buying a spare. Not aware fo any such schemes - most people wouldn't want a "2nd hand" seat.

neolara · 30/01/2010 11:37

Lots of airlines let you take car seats in the hold and they do not count as part of their luggage allowance.

Meita · 30/01/2010 17:50

Excellent advice, both of you. Thanks!

Will have our guests check what they can bring. If they can't (they're flying easyjet, I think) we'll probably go for that rental service. We don't know any families with kids of similar ages in the area, so borrowing would probably end up more expensive than renting, all told. Buying a spare doesn't make much sense as we don't normally have a car. Except if it works out cheaper than renting.

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