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Toyota Landcruiser - 3 car seats in middle row?

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Fresh01 · 10/01/2010 18:20


Looking for some advice regarding a combination of 3 car seats/booster seats that will fit across the middle row of a Toyota Landcruiser.

We have a 4 year old mainly sitting in a Britax Hi-Liner, so we need access to a diagonal seat belt and plug.

A 2 year old in a Britax First Class car seat. We are not wanting to move her to a high-backed booster as she is too small etc etc.

We have a MaxiCosi Cabriofix with Isofix base for no. 3, which is due in 3 weeks.

We also have a Britax Evolva 123 as a spare car seat.

No combination that we tried today seemed to fit across the middle row, any suggestions?

The 4 year old is not keen to be put in the 3rd row full time as she talks away in the car and it is hard to hear her in the front, with a 2 year old talking in the middle. I gave this a try this week to see how she would handle being in the 3rd row.

Thanks for any suggestions

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nicm · 11/01/2010 13:38


i have a britax two way elite, a maxi cosi priori and a maxi cosi cabrio in a golf in that order from left to right!!

i'm sure it would work in your jeep?...

if you live near the in car safety centre in either belfast or milton keynes they would try all different seats in for you.

whomadethismess · 16/01/2010 00:44

We have a maxi -cosi and a booster seat in our 3rd row and 2 boosters in 2nd row,with one seat kept folded up.The Landcruiser has plenty room in back for luggage even with 3rd row of seats up.They can use the space in the 2nd row for school bags etc.

Fresh01 · 19/01/2010 16:55

whomadethismess, that is a good idea longer term having one seat in the seat row folded to allow access to the third row rather than always coming through the boot. I hadn't thought of doing it that way round.

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