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new car seat for 3.5yr old weighing 14kg

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kbaby · 31/12/2009 23:50

Can anyone help please?

I dont know what to do. At the moment DS is still in his forward facing car seat a maxi cosi rodi. He hasnt outgrown it as hes only 14kg and quite short for his age. However I suffer from a really bad back and im struggling to lift him up and bend forward to get him in the car seat(due to the base on the car seat its quite high off the seat) which means I basically end up in pain and practically throwing him in the seat. I was going to move him to a booster but given his weight I dont think he would be safe enough it in.
So. I was thinking I could
A) Leave him in the current car seat

B)Move him into a car seat which is a booster shape but with integral 5 point harness(see similar) ellini-or-airmesh-fabric.html

C) move him to a kiddy comfort pro seat, which is lower to the seat so he can climb in himself.

Im unsure what to do. With a 5 point harness im used to them so know what i'm getting, whereas the kiddy comfort car seat concept is so different Im wondering if it really is safer that a 5 point harness. If I should go for a 5 point harness seat that is suitable upto the age of 12 which one is the safest?

Thanks for any advice

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kbaby · 01/01/2010 19:09


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GoldenGreen · 01/01/2010 19:12

I'm not able to give useful advice on car seats, but my ds is 3.6 and has climbed in and out of his car seat on his own for months now - can you persuade your ds to do the same (with bribery if necessary)?

Metatron · 01/01/2010 19:54

i love my kiddy seat. Best seat ever. it gets great reviews on which and across european tests. No way are any kids getting out of it and mine was forever escaping out of her Tobi.

BertieBotts · 07/01/2010 22:14

I would go for the Kiddy Comfort Pro - use the impact shield for as long as possible too

drloves8 · 07/01/2010 22:19

i bought a cybex pallas , which has the same cushion /impact shield as the kiddy . tis great my dd4 is a houdini type child but she cant get out, shes a tiny wee thing too.

SazzlesA · 07/01/2010 22:21

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