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Kiddy infinity v. rear facing??

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rachierach1 · 30/12/2009 16:47

Am a little bewildered by the RF or FF car seat dilemma. I was sure I was 100% decided on RF due to the massive benefits, however I've now come across the Kiddy Infinity car seat (FF but different to traditional FF seats). Does anyone have one of these and have any comments, or anyone have any evidence of how if compares to the RF seats? My concern with the RF is 'where do their legs go' (otherwise I am totally sold on the RF)? Any comments gratefully received

OP posts:
oopsandbabycoconut · 30/12/2009 17:13

We have the BMW version of the Kiddy infinity which is isofix. It is the safest type of FF seat but RF is still safest. Where legs go shouldn't really be an issue as there is quite a bit of space for legs and even if they are bent it is still safer. We got the BMW seat as Dh is 6ft6 and we couldn't fit 2 isofix RF in our car with DH's seat right back.

TaurielTest · 30/12/2009 17:18

RF is safer if a RF seat will fit in your car - which it wouldn't in mine (small 3 door), so I have a Kiddy, which has been great and DS loves it. Lots of info about them on the website.
If you go to a specialist seat place they will let you try various seats out - we went to Baby Lady in Canterbury who were v patient as we tried the Brio Zento and 2 other RF seats until finally deciding that it had to be FF for us.

nicm · 31/12/2009 01:16

there is loads of space for legs in rf seat. i have had my tall 3 yo mindee and small 6 yo in my britax two way elite rf. the 3 yo can still fit in without it being in the 'extended' position for older children.

we bought the britax twe for ds when he was 9 months and he is now 20 months and i wouldn't put him in anything else. once i had found out about rf i thought if i had an accident and had him ff and something happened i'd always wonder what if.

it is 5 times safer and we've had it in all sorts of cars and it has fitted well. a 3 door clio is probably the smallest. hth a little.

Trampoline · 02/01/2010 21:10

We've just bought the Kiddy Infinity for our 11 month old, and after some initial concerns about her looking squashed and being able to wriggle down without being harnessed in, we think it's great. One watch-out though - we use the seatbelt (not isofix) to fit it, and some cars don't have long enough seatbelts to allow it to be fitted correctly. Most Peugeots have belts which are too short for this car seat.

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